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Media on Your Terms

FinTech for Media

Financing and Payment Innovation for the Media Supply Chain

FxM puts marketers in control

Adtech fragmentation often disrupts media spend coordination, leading to inefficiencies in payment workflows. CMOs increasingly seek independent management solutions, which FxM provides through a centralized platform.

The media payment chain is broken

Media buyers need extended terms, while content providers require timely payments. FxM's solutions ensure smoother transactions and relationships within the ecosystem.

Improved Governance and Transparency

This includes addressing issues like prolonged payment terms and working capital challenges. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing processes, providing enhanced financial flexibility for stakeholders.

Why FxM

FxM Targets the Hidden ‘Ad Financing Tax’ Draining $30B Annually

Digital media has a growing payment and financing problem.

The digital media industry is facing an increasingly significant payment and financing challenge. Outdated payment methods are cumbersome, leading to severe working capital problems for companies involved in the supply chain. Rising interest rates and the trend of extending payment terms to over 180 days exacerbate the situation.

Compounding the issue is the practice of sequential liability, where each company in the supply chain manages its working capital independently. Consequently, the same media dollar is frequently financed multiple times, resulting in billions of dollars in unnecessary costs. 

This is the hidden “Ad Financing Tax”.

FxM Empowers Marketers to Directly Harness the Power of Their Media Spend

Digital media is highly fragmented, and disparate procurement plans add complexity.  


The digital media landscape is fragmented and complex; adding disparate procurement plans increases the complexity even more. By placing control in the hands of CMOs rather than adtech platforms, marketers can effectively harness their spending power and ensure a fair exchange of value.


Moreover, marketers require the flexibility to direct their spending towards publishers that align with their specific goals regarding quality, diversity, or carbon efficiency.

FxM Provides Two Core Solutions

FxM's Allocation and SCF+ solutions streamline operations and enhance liquidity in the digital media ecosystem.

Optimize Media Spend with FxM Allocation


Allocation enables enterprise marketers to optimize their media spend for significant cost savings and enhanced outcomes. FxM's Allocation module consolidates volume-based buying deals, empowering marketers with control instead of relying on fragmented adtech platform programs.  

Streamline Payments with FxM SCF+


SCF+ is a media-specific version of traditional Supply Chain Financing, utilizing advertisers' payables as collateral to expedite payments for suppliers. This approach consolidates advertiser spend, increases supplier share of wallet, and facilitates wholesale pricing and other advantages passed on to advertisers.

FxM Solution

Empowering Speed, Savings, Flexibility, & Efficiency

Modern Supply Chain Financing & Payment Automation


Benefits of FxM

Media Buyers

Advertisers & Agencies

  • Pay Fast or Slow
    Choose to Pay for Media at the Pace that Fits your Needs

  • Payment Automation
    Simplify the Reconciliation and Payment processes

  • Get Discounts on Media
    Get $$ Back on Your Media Spend, up to 5%

  • Improve Cash Flow
    Get Greater Control Over Your Payments

  • De-risk Supply
    Know and Control Who You Spend Your $ With

  • Strengthen Supply Chain
    Suppliers Get Paid Faster, Without Risk

  • Governance & Transparency
    Know Where Every $ Goes, Automate Auditing and Benchmarking

Media Suppliers / Vendors 

DSPs, SSPs & Publishers

  • Get Paid Fast
    Accelerated payment, guaranteed; No sequential payment risk

  • Payment Automation
    Simplify the Reconciliation and Payment processes 

  • Grow Share of Wallet
    Leading Advertisers incentivized to spend more with you

  • Improve Preference & Yield
    Ability to pay your suppliers faster; get preferred pricing/inventory  

  • Accept Slow Payers
    No more concerns about terms; Accept demand from even slow payers 

  • Improve Cash Flow & Forecastability
    Accelerated, guaranteed payments reduce cash flow risk

  • Diversify Financing
    FxM serves as off balance sheet financing partner to complement ABL, etc.

FxM Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

FxM’s adtech and finance veterans form a team that understands the media ecosystem and the equation between buyers, sellers, and financial institutions.

Joe Zawadzki

Executive Chairman

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Jeffrey Hirsch

Chief Executive Officer

  • LinkedIn
Patrick Dolan

Chief Operating Officer

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Topher Balzan

Chief Solutions Architect 

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Iris Cohen Carmel

Chief Development Officer 

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Dawn West

Chief Administrative Officer

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Interested in joining the FxM Team?

We are looking for exceptional people to take on the following roles:

Senior Director of Strategic Accounts

Director of Sales

Customer Support Manager


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