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Media on Your Terms

FxM drives efficiency, savings and transparency through financial optimization of digital media. 


(Finance x Media) = (Efficiency x Effectiveness)

FxM Puts Marketers in Control


FxM empowers marketers with control over their digital media supply chains, addressing inefficiencies in payment processes and supply sourcing.

The Media Supply Chain Can be Fixed


Addressing sequential liability and involvement of multiple entities, FxM solves the fragmented nature of media payment chains, offering solutions to delays and added costs.

Governance, Trust, Transparency by Design


FxM ensures transparent visibility into digital media spending, collaborating with SSPs and content providers to optimize marketing budgets for high-quality placements.

Why FxM

FxM is tackling the hidden inefficiencies in the media supply chain

FxM puts marketers in control.

FxM was founded by industry veterans who understand the inefficiency of the digital media supply chain. Our mission is to empower CMOs by providing them with control over enterprise-grade digital media supply chains. The current adtech ecosystem is fragmented, lacking a centralized source for coordinating, directing and financing media spend. This fragmentation leads to inefficiencies in how dollars are spent. As a result, CMOs are increasingly seeking independent, unbiased solutions to manage spending programs according to their specific requirements and preferences.

Put us to work to optimize your media supply chain today.

FxM empowers marketers to benefit directly from the power of their media spend

FxM’s adtech and finance veterans form a team that understands the media ecosystem and the equation between buyers, sellers, and financial institutions.

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FxM Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

FxM’s industry veterans and next-generation talent form a team that deeply understands the media ecosystem and the equation between buyers, sellers, and finance.

fxm team_jeffrey.png
Jeffrey Hirsch

Chief Executive Officer, FxM Board of Directors

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fxm team_keith.png
Keith Weisberg

Head of Product 

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fxm team_topher.png
Topher Balzan

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

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fxm team_andy.png
Andy Dubickas

Head of Client Services

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fxm team_iris.png
Iris Cohen Carmel

Chief Development Officer, Co-Founder

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fxm team_dawn.png
Dawn West

Chief Administrative Officer, Co-Founder

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Interested in joining the FxM Team?

We are looking for exceptional people to take on the following roles:


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